Fresh Food People and Innovative

Publish at 2019-08-29

Last month our member PT Hero Supermarket Tbk was 1 of the 18th winners of Innovation Appreciation Awards SINDO.

This event was organized with the goal in mind to excel companies in their fields for all their innovative ideas.

Hero received this award for having met the judging criteria. This shows that a company is in the right direction towards national development.

SINDO’s CEO Djaka Susila stated that innovation is not just something that is new, it must generate much more, this award is as well to trigger sustainable organisational growth. Innovation must be organisational culture, "At present, innovation is the blood of the organization. Not innovating will be disrupted by technological developments. We hope that companies with achievements will also be able to build synergy between nations in developing Indonesia." He said.

Our MVB member PT Hero Supermarket excelled on their CSR, Delivering Quality, Service and Value categories.

The goal of this event is to increase the motivation of companies to always innovate, significantly in the manner of sustainability, as stated before, we must work together for one world, the same world we all live in.