IKEA Blue Bag Project

Publish at 2017-06-12

In line with our global sustainability approach, IKEA Indonesia will offer the environmentally friendly Blue Bag to customers in place of plastic bags. Each purchase of a Blue Bag will see 100% of the retail value, in addition to a donation from IKEA, go towards Mercy Corps Indonesia’s local water and sanitation sewage project in a local neighborhood. The Blue Bag project aims to provide 100 knockdown septic tanks over a period of two years in Kecamatan Penjaringan, located just 25km north of the IKEA store. It is one of Jakarta’s largest slums, and is home to over 300,000 people with a population density of 8,635.73 per km². Latrines in this area are rare and open spaces are used as a substitute for the lack of facilities.

Area statistics:

  • 2% of inhabitants have access to municipal sewerage
  • 75% rely on shallow ground water for cooking, bathing, and drinking
  • 90% of shallow wells are contaminated with bacteria or heavy metals

The knockdown septic tanks utilized by Mercy Corps are built from a modular system that is both effective and simple to install, operate, and maintain. This system is water-tight, which is necessery in areas with high water tables, and is resilient to flooding and earthquakes. The Blue Bag project also facilitates on-going local sanitation behavior campaigns to educate and encourage people to adopt improved health and sanitation habits.

The target of 100 septic tank installed was completed by the end of December 2015; 6 months earlier than scheduled. The remaining 6 months were used to supervise and continue to educate the beneficiaries on the maintenance of their septic tanks.