Jababeka and Tenant Collaborate to Make 50 Thousand Masks for the Community

Publish at 2020-06-08

To prevent the spread of COVID-19, Jababeka Group together with tenants in the Jababeka Industrial Estate collaborated to make cloth masks to be distributed to the public.

D. Darmono, Chairman of PT Jababeka Tbk who initiated the event, succeeded in collaborating with several Jababeka tenants, including PT Tokai Texprint Indonesia, PT Indraloka Binakarya Ika, PT Mattel Indonesia, PT Banshu Electric Indonesia, and PT Karang Buana Indah.

“As a producer that supplies the needs of the community, many tenants must continue production in the midst of this pandemic. As production goes on, PT. Jababeka swiftly invited a number of tenants to make cloth masks and distribute them to the community, “Darmono said, recently.

The six companies provide assistance in the form of fabrics, while the collected fabrics will be sewn into cloth masks by PT Haluan Cipta Utama and PT Chemco Harapan Nusantara’s vocational schools.

“It is targeted that 50 thousand ready-to-use cloth masks will be collected which will be handed over to the Former District task force and then distributed to the people of Bekasi Regency,” Darmono said.

According to him, this action was a concrete action from industry players in combating the spread of COVID-19. “And is expected to help the community to get a cloth mask to stop the spread of the virus,” concluded Darmono. (Qalbi)