Our Sababay Farmers

Early 2000 was a series of tough years for most grape farmers in Bali, especially in Buleleng. Crop disease, poor marketing and failed harvests forced many farmers to borrow money at high interest rates off local lenders - the middlemen who distributed the grapes to big companies and controlled the price. Grape farmers were in so much debt they were having to sell their cows just to maintain their vineyards. In 2010 Asteroid Vineyards established a cooperative approach to help local grape growers.

The Farmer Partnership Agreement implemented advanced viticulture techniques, after research and consultation were done to try and improve yields and make the system fairer for everyone involved. 

One of those farmer, Kadek - who dreams of using his new prosperity to send his children to university. now 175 farmers work in collaboration with Asteroid vineyards and enjoy and average price for grapes 10-times higher than they collected before agreement. Under the agreement, Asteroid secured exclusive rights to grapes grown in the region in return for; First paying off the local farmer’s existing debts that hinder their decision to join, providing technical assistance and training for fertilization and soil management - encouraging two quality harvest per years instead of three mediocre ones.

They provide a stable income at a rate significantly greater than they received in the past. Yields for Putu have also doubled from seven tonnes per harvest to an average of 14. This is a point of great pride for him being a grape grower, who hopes the tradition will continue for generation to come.

Kadek is one of examples of balinese farmers in this agrarian beautiful country that we all love. Real people, with real dream like you and me.

What stop you from being a part of their success stories ?