Sampoerna in line with ‘Indonesia 4.0’

Publish at 2019-08-29

In 2018 and the first half of 2019, Sampoerna provided the performance outcomes and the present shift in management. Sampoerna Retail Community (SRC) employees were also announced by the business to be added to 105,000 traditional distributors in Indonesia. SRC participants are usually Sampoerna's family-owned stores. They can enhance their leadership skills and store efficiency through alliances.

President Director of Sampoerna, Mindaugas Trumpaitis said ‘We are proud to work with so many great traditional retailers in Indonesia. Their enthusiasm in improving their livelihoods through improved management and store operations has inspired us. It is clear that the success of SRC members directly played an important role in Sampoerna's success. The next step in our partnership is creating digital opportunities for SRC members to grow their business through various online platforms. This is in line with the concept of Indonesia 4.0. We ask the government to involve the tobacco industry in the initiative. "

Aside of these new partnerships with SRC members, Sampoerna stays committed to improve the competitiveness of Indonesians SMEs through the ‘Sampoerna for Indonesia’ program, utilising their ‘Three Hands philosophy’ as their rudder.

The Sampoerna Entrepreneurship Training Centre (SETC) in East Java, through suitable vocational training and leadership, encourages the growth and development of SME professionals. Since 2006, through SETC programs, Sampoerna has educated more than 47,500 SMEs.

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