Publish at 2018-05-22

Tuesday 8 May 2018 was an insightful all-day session at  Raffles Jakarta where MVB Indonesia hosted the Second Indonesia Sustainability Seminar of the 2018 Series featuring an important subject on corporate sustainability with the theme Securing a Sustainable Future Through Innovation and Dedication.

MVB believe that real corporate responsibility derives from organizations adopting and adhering to a broad range of critical values, all of which need to be constantly addressed, but at the heart of the process is corporate values which guide the organization’s whole philosophy. This seminar brought together expert speakers from diverse areas of expertise to explore how companies can really benefit from identifying and applying specific expertise to different areas of corporate values.

The Seminar was opened by Alistair Speirs as Chairman of MVB Indonesia. HE Mr. Rasmus Abildgaard Kristensen, the Ambassador of Denmark to Indonesia as the Keynote Speaker then shared an inspiring presentation about the future of sustainabilty and the linkage between Sustainability and Business.

In his session, the Ambassador also announced their Annual program, working together with the Habibie Center called “Ambassador 1 Day”, where a talented young Indonesian student wins the opportunity to “become the Ambassador” for a day. And then he introduced and invited the Ambassador 1 Day candidate from Gadjah Mada University, Rudang Cecilia Pinem to deliver a short explanation about the on-going program.

The program then continued with a presentation from Mrs. Maria Nindita Radyati as Executive Director of CECT Trisakti who talked about How Business for Sustainability is Profitable and followed by fascinating presentation from Mrs. Paola Cannuciari as Co-Founder of Waste4Change who talked about how to maximise the effectiveness of your waste management process .

The session then continued with  presentation from Mr. Björn Heidrich as President Director of PT. Bumiraya Suria Abadi (BayWa r.e.) who explained about the important role of renewable solar panel energy. The session ended by presentation from Mr. Alistair Speirs who talked about Compassionate Capitalism.

MVB Indonesia thanks the MVB Partners for their support and also all seminar participants who attended the Second INDONESIA SUSTAINABILITY SEMINAR 2018.

The next series of seminar will be in 2nd of August 2018 with theme Being an Ethical Employer and Integrating Sustainability Into Management Practice.

Registration to this Seminar is available online through our official site or by email to