Soft Toys from the children, for the children, by the children

Children from around the world have created a new collection to support IKEA Good Cause Campaign focusing on children’s rights to play. For the second year in a row, IKEA invited children to design their dream soft toys and gave the opportunity for children to be creative. Children from many countries aged 4 to 12 have made the most fantastic creatures. The drawing competition has generated 52,000 wonderful designs. Through judging process conducted by IKEA of Sweden, the judges selected ten global winners; one of them is from Indonesia.

The winning designs were every bit as fun and imaginative as expected. Among the 10 winners there was a warm and happy soft toy sun, a red “wannabe-scary monster”, a round and cuddly pink punk-horse and lots more. The selection criteria were that it is never seen before, that they are really sprung from a child’s fantasy and have unique expressions.

The numbers of submission were thousands of wonderful contributions from all around the world. The creativity is universal, and children in all countries seem to be inspired by the similar things; dinosaurs, birds and monsters. The personalities were really strong with their winking eyes, feet that goes in both directions and wonderful combos of features. The children drew from their own imagination and very unique.

Naurazka Salsabilla (age 9), one of the top 10 global winners from Indonesia, has made her pink punk horse drawing a success and turned into a real-life soft toy, as part of the IKEA SAGOSKATT limited soft toy collection, launched for sale around the world as part of the new IKEA Good Cause Campaigns focusing on children’s rights to play. For every toy sold during November to December 2016, the IKEA Foundation will donate 1 Euro to support children’s rights to play, grow and have fun in some of the vulnerable communities in the world.

To support IKEA Good Cause Campaign, several in-store activities were also carried out such as talkshow program, hopscotch booth and give twice program.

The talkshow program aimed for IKEA customers discussed about children’s right to play and develop, highlighting the benefits of play for all children. By playing, it is also a way of finding the fun in everything we do – especially those normal, everyday activities that are such a big part of our lives at home.

In addition to the talkshow, IKEA customers were also invited to play hopscotch. For every customer who play hopscotch, IKEA Indonesia donated 1 Euro to IKEA Foundation.  Another activity carried out was the give twice program, where for every soft toy sold, IKEA donate 1 Euro and the soft toy bought were donated to Yayasan Cinta Anak Bangsa in Tangerang area.