Starbucks commits to Greener-Better Cups, but the true change is up to us!

Publish at 2019-08-15

Earlier this year our MVB member Starbucks introduced to the market an alternative for single-use plastic hot & cold cups.

This to reduce the environmental impact on their products. However, their success will depend on a big factor: their customers. Increasing their customers commitment to reduce their own environmental impact is a tough task, although more and more people are aware of this issue, there is still a broad need of education specially in developing countries, such as Indonesia, where we still prefer single-use plastic products to satisfy our needs at the moment to then dispose them and forget about them to continue with our lives, because it is just easier. When we put this in perspective is as simple as the fact that we might just be a bit lazy. If we would remember bringing our utensils to work, parks, trips or our reusable water bottles wherever we go, etc. companies would have it easier in a way since they offer what we demand.

Despite the many challenges, we've been tackling recycling and waste reduction on many fronts. 

A truthful change will only happen if it comes from ourselves. Starbucks is giving a solution, but it is up to us to own it and make progress.

We are happy to see our members redirecting their businesses in a more sustainable way and preaching this to their customers.

If you would like to have access to one of their reusable cups, go to any Starbucks store nearby and get them! They even have a promotion which with each sale of these cups you get a FREE Caffe Latte or Coffee Frappuccino.