Successful Seminar on Sustainable Fashion, Textiles and Retail

Publish at 2019-08-16

Successful Seminar on Sustainable Fashion, Textiles and Retail From Left to the right, Mr. Hitesh Chhaya – Pan Brothers Group, Ms. Camelia Harahap – British Council Indonesia, Ms. Marina Chahboune –, Ms. Alana James – Northumbria University, Mr.Alistair Speirs – MVB Indonesia, Ms. Ratu Vashti Annisa – Miss Earth ’18, Mr. Winston Mulyadi – Tencel Indonesia

On Wednesday, 31st July 2019, MVB Indonesia together with Binus-Northumbira School of Design hosts a seminar with a theme on Sustainable Fashion, Textiles and Retail.

MVB brought leading thinkers and practicians on sustainable fashion, from Manufacture to retail to try to find solutions to the challenges that the industry faces and how it integrated with consumer point of view.

If we look closely at the subject of “sustainable fashion”, we soon realize that there are many serious aspects that we have to take into account. The whole business starts with the raw materials, each with their own characteristics: man-made fibres being often blamed for being not eco-friendly, but natural fibres such as cotton also have their critics. Then there is the manufacturing side with many people now emphasizing the importance of making clothes in a more environmentally friendly manner.

Further, the speakers of the seminar look at the retail side of the business where increasingly people are advocating secondhand/vintage sales or extolling the benefits of swapping, renting or borrowing clothes as opposed to purchasing newly produced clothes. All strategies promoting more environmentally, socially and ethically conscious production and consumption are important steps towards a more sustainable industry.