The Launch of Most Valued Business Indonesia “Companies that Care” 2018 Program

Publish at 2017-11-10

The World’s Most Valued Business Indonesia (MVB) program for 2018, was launched at the exclusive and stunning Sasono Mulyo Ballroom, Le Meridien Hotel Jakarta on 10th November 2017.

The World’s Most Valued Business (MVB) has proved to have exactly the right emphasis at the right time for the rapidly increasing number of responsible and consumer-focused businesses operating in Indonesia.

Now in its third years, MVB Indonesia is the only organisation that both empowers concerned consumers by seeking out and highlighting businesses that are taking the right approach to sustainability, environmental friendliness, ethical employment and four other critical areas, and helps them to improve areas of relative weakness through an expert-driven seminar series.

At the same time it serves as a platform to exchange information and ideas on how members can convey their sustainable and ethical business strategies to consumers, and to better collaborate with other members to improve their efficiency and business practices.

The reason companies join MVB Indonesia is because of four important key elements that MVB provides:

  • Education through a series of seminars focused on Sustainability, Best Possible Business Practices, Ethical Employment, Safety and Security, Customer Service and Respect, Environmental Friendliness, and Corporate Values.
  • Collaboration initiative where members can actually present their sustainable and ethical business strategies and collaborate with other members
  • Building Trust by adopting the MVB Seven Principles which in the end enhance the companies reputation in the eye of its consumers and
  • Series of Promotion campaign to promote MVB members and increased responsibility and sustainability awareness.

Following the success of last year program, for 2018, MVB Indonesia invites all businesses to be part of this sustainably and best business practice campaign, and also to support local communities and initiatives by joining the MVB Indonesia program.

The MVB 2018 Launch was opened by the Hungarian Ambassador, HE Judit Pac and Eamonn Sadler, CEO of MVB International, and continued with a presentation of the 2018 program by Alistair Speirs OBE, Chairman MVB Indonesia.

“We know that business are increasingly aware of consumers preference for responsible behaviour” said Alistair Speirs OBE, Chairman MVB Indonesia, “but they don’t know how to convey their ethical approach to the consumers. This is where we come in and act as their platform of credibility. But more than that we now help to introduce even good companies to experts to help them get better. There are no perfect companies anywhere in the world yet, and here in Indonesia fast improvement is an absolute must.”

MVB Indonesia is backed up by very strong academic and NGO partnerships with CECT Trisakti, BINUS University, Towards Sustainable Business, Waste4Change, Eco Bali and also Outward Bound Indonesia for the disabled transformation program.