This 11-Year-Old Activist Has Picked Up More Than 100,000 Pieces of Plastic

Publish at 2020-08-20

Lilly Platt was still learning Dutch when her family moved from the UK to the Netherlands in 2015. At that moment, she was seven. One day, she wanted to count surrounding plastic parts with her grandparents to develop her language skills.

After then, her initiative — Lilly's Plastic Pickup — has gone worldwide. After that eye-opening day in 2015, she has been a prominent voice for cleaning up plastic waste , reducing plastics usage and seeking alternatives to plastics.

Throughout the years, she has accumulated more than 100,000 bits of plastic, many of which are carefully sorted out.

Platt is committed to recycling plastic on a regular basis and bringing reusable containers and bottles of water with her everywhere she travels.

However given the size of the issue, she realizes she can't solve it on her own. That's why she spends much of her time raising money and inspiring other people to support the movement. This helps coordinate ocean clean-ups, provides workshops in classrooms, and maintains an involved social networking platform where it generates opportunities and rewards for citizens to tackle plastic waste.

The campaign against plastic pollution has gained momentum in recent years as people learn more about the threat it poses to wildlife. Marine species especially have been destroyed, in fact, by plastic waste.

The unending nature of plastic pollution has convinced her that the only real solution lies in the ballot box and in urging politicians to ban plastics. During the most recent election, she got her grandfather to pledge his vote to her. 

This dynamic young lady set a stiff precedent and then invited us to do the same. Total committment and zeal characterizes all Platt 's work.