Established in 2015 in Singapore, The World’s Most Valued Business (MVB) is an independent organisation commited to empower “Sustainability” and “Best Business Practices” through highlighting, encouraging, and publicising businesses that are genuinely trying to do the right thing. It is a platform for responsible and ethical bussinesses to convey their messages to their concerned audiences and and a forum for the exchange of information and ideas amongst the member.

MVB also facilitates Sustainabillity initiatives on behalf of members for the benefit of underprivileged communities. To be part of MVB, companies need to demonstrate the highest standards in seven critical value areas as follows: Sustainability, Best Possible Business Practices, Ethical Employment, Safety and Security, Customer Service and Respect, Environmental Friendliness, and Corporate Values.

In Indonesia, MVB has been adapted and representated by PT. Phoenix Communications since 2015.

Highlighting, encouraging and publicising businesses that are genuinely trying to do the right thing.

We know that many responsible businesses owners around the world are investing a great deal of time and money into doing the right thing, We know that increasing numbers of consumers around the world want to know that businesses are working hard to be good corporate citizens. MVB is the bridge between these concerned groups, supplying facts and information to help responsible businesses convey their message to the rapidly growing number of people who want to know,

Providing a forum for the open exchange of information in order to promote and develop better business practices.

MVB is not a competition, it is a collaboration. We give all MVB members the opportunity to interact with each other so that they can discuss and share the latest and most effective methods and practices in use around the world today. There is obviously no requirement to disclose sensitive business information, but we encourage members to be open about things that might benefit people and the planet as a whole without sacrificing any business advantage.

Providing a platform for responsible and ethical businesses to communicate their message to concerned consumers.

Through strategic partnerships encompassing TV, radio, print and digital media, MVB is in a position to effectively convey to the world a very positive message about what responsible businesses are doing to make the world a better place for us all. Talk shows, print articles and regular social media updates spread the word in a very credible way and show consumers which businesses have more than just profit at the heart of everything they do.

>QUOTE: “The only way we will achieve success in creating a better world for all of us is if we work together. System innovation crosses competitors, governments and borders to create that change” Karen Hamilton, Vice President of Sustainable Business, Unilever

Facilitating sustainability initiatives on behalf of members for the benefit of underpriviliged communities.

MVB funds and manages sustainability and environmental initiatives for the benefit of local communities. MVB sustainability initiatives empower disabled and underprivileged people by building confidence and enabling them to enter the workforce or start their own businesses with the full help and support of MVB and all its members. MVB environmental initiatives help concerned individuals and companies find ways to further reduce their impact on the environment.